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Choice of hair thickener

Are you wondering which remedy is right for you? We will help you with this question.

What is the fundamental difference between hair thickeners?

Basically, there are two different modes of action of the funds:

The fibers thicken the hair by attaching themselves to the hair like branches due to the electrostatic charge and settling on the scalp. The spray and powder, on the other hand, tend to thicken the hair. The particles mixed with color pigments form a volume film around the individual hair, making it appear thicker. In addition, the powder settles on the scalp like a light shadow, so that it no longer shines through.

The hair thickening lotion can be used in combination with the above products or separately. This is mixed with very fine hair fiber particles. The gel-like components of the lotion are used as carriers to achieve the best possible blow-dry styling result. In addition, valuable care ingredients are included that care for the hair and ensure natural shine and better hold. The lotion also counteracts the matt effect. In addition, the application is very clean, since nothing goes wrong. On the other hand, you have to apply it really liberally to get effective coverage. In combination with some hair fibers this is not a problem.

Which hair thickening is right for me?

In general, hair fibers are the universally most suitable and popular means, which is suitable for the vast majority of hair situations, whether long or short hair. Let's do a quick process of elimination:

*1 Hair thickening fibers on light hair

Light hair is a challenge for hair fibers. Our experience has shown that the result on light blonde, light gray hair is only satisfactory in a few cases. Therefore, we do not offer these colors, although the manufacturer would give them. For dark blonde, dark gray hair, however, we have appropriate hair fibers. When using hair fibers on light-colored hair, we also recommend the combination of “priming” with a brown tone and then matching with the lighter color tone.

*2 Hair thickening spray for light hair

Hair thickening spray is the best option for light-colored hair, provided you're willing to "dye" your hair with it. As you can see in the sample photos below, the density effect is enormous. At the same time, this effect is quite dull.

*3 Combination of fibers and powder for very thin hair:

The combination of fibers and powder has proven to be the most suitable and effective for very light hair with a scalp that is very shimmering through. You apply the powder first and then the fibers. The powder thickens the hair and gives it a stronger color, making it more visible. This applies in particular to fine downy hair. Stray hair also adheres better to hair treated with hair thickening powder. The shimmering scalp is concealed by the stray hair. The result can also look very natural and good. However, it requires practice, but it is the last alternative to a second hair or a hair transplant.

*4 Hair thickener spray for very thin hair:

In this case you should avoid pointing the spray at the scalp. Try spraying the spray into the hair from below so that it thickens and thickens. Only after working it in with a brush or comb will the fine powder of the spray settle on the scalp and form a natural shadow on it. It is important not to apply too much so that the result remains natural.

Do hair cosmetics help me with diffuse or circular hair loss?

Hair thickeners that you apply yourself only help to a very limited extent with diffuse or circular hair loss. The funds usually appear unnatural on bald spots. The fibers cannot be used at all on bald spots because they cannot find a hold. With the spray and the powder you could at least darken the spot a bit.

Another option would be to grow longer hair over it and then thicken it up. This is possible within limits and can achieve good results.

When can you (not) use hair cosmetics?

Too little own hair density:

Hair thickening agents can only work where there is still enough natural hair. The following example shows a hair situation in which hair cosmetics are definitely no longer an option. There must be at least downy hair.

Very sensitive, allergic people:

Hair cosmetics are extremely gentle and compatible. As a very sensitive person with a tendency to allergic reactions, you should use hair fibers if you are interested in thickening your hair.


The use of hair thickening products during or after pregnancy is harmless and very popular, as the cosmetic treatment is very gentle, inexpensive and has a direct, visible effect. So you can calmly deal with the mostly temporary hair loss until it settles again on its own.