Häufige Fragen zur kosmetischen Haarverdichtung

Frequently asked questions about cosmetic hair thickening

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Hair thickening in everyday life

Can others tell you're using hair thickening? Do I have to watch out for embarrassing situations?

For years I have been a user of hair thickening of various forms to use myself. For a long time nobody knew my "secret", not even my family. I'm now as open about it as others are about make-up. It should subtly create a beautiful hair look without attracting attention and that's exactly what it does.

This may require a little practice but is still much more comfortable, less noticeable and easier than alternative hair solutions such as permanent hair thickening, hair integration, wigs or toupees. You can really go through everyday life carefree without having to pay attention all the time.

Stop sweating and exercising?

You will develop a feeling of what you can and cannot do with hair thickening. I do intensive sports and have never had an embarrassing situation in which the hair thickening from sweat ran into my face or similar, even without a fixing spray. Depending on the hair situation, it may be advisable to use a fixing spray to strengthen the hair thickening.

For sports, the use of hair thickening spray and powder is particularly recommended. Of course, the hair thickening is visible if you wipe your hair with a towel. If you can't avoid it, simply use a dark-colored towel. You won't see it on it and it washes off easily.

Hold on to wind and weather?

The hair extensions hold up very well even in strong winds. I'm always amazed that even the fibers, which seem to be loosely distributed in the hair, aren't blown away by the wind. Wind and rain do not remove the electrostatic charge that holds the fibers together.

However, when hair is very wet, it becomes flat and loses volume. Although the thickened hair stays in the hair and does not run down, it loses its natural look and can therefore be noticeable. It only washes out with shampoo. If you have to go without an umbrella in the pouring rain, I don't recommend hair thickening.

Stop at "rubbing through the hair"?

There are significant differences between the individual forms of instant hair thickening. If you or someone else runs your fingers or a comb through your hair, you can see microhairs (hair thickening fibers) on your hand - not so with hair thickening spray or hair thickening powder.

These two are only visible if you really scratch your head. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. So be sure to keep your scalp healthy so you don't get itchy and use a mild shampoo. We have made a list available to you on our blog: Shampoos without silicone.

How long does the instant hair thickening stay in the hair?

All forms of hair thickening that we offer are gentle and have therefore been developed for temporary thickening. They remain in the hair until the next hair wash and can easily be worn and touched up for several days.