Augenbrauen natürlich Verdichten

Thicken eyebrows naturally

Conceal light eyebrows and gaps quickly and easily

Whether fluffy or plucked thin – eyebrows say a lot about us. They underline our facial expressions and round off the face. They are just as much a part of our look as the hairstyle. It's usually the stars who pave the way for new eyebrow trends, and we're eager to catch up. However, what is not seen in the stars, models and role models are thinning and irregular brows that cannot be shaped. We're not all blessed with such perfect brows, however, and we mustn't forget that makeup and plucking aren't true miracle cures — often it's expensive stylists, hair transplants, and photo retouching that make perfect brows look so natural. Whether man or woman, old or young, many people are familiar with the problem of irregular growth of the eyebrows and areas that have not grown back after plucking. Another problem affects people with light or reddish hair in particular: Here the eyebrows are often very light and can hardly be seen. However, coloring attacks the delicate facial skin and is very expensive.

Full eyebrows - whether young or old

Lisa (23), student: I have very dark hair and actually really like my brown natural hair color in combination with my light complexion. What has always bothered me, however, were my eyebrows. Unfortunately, they grew irregularly. Because they are so dark, you can see the leaks immediately - they are also not easy to hide. Eyebrow pencils smear very quickly and have an unnatural effect - just not a permanent solution for me, especially when I'm away for a long time. A friend then drew my attention to the Fidentia products. I bought the hair fibers and the matching concealer to be able to define the brows even more precisely and was immediately blown away. I actually thought it would be difficult to apply to the brows, but got the hang of it the first time. I'm so happy I tried this. Fidentia products are now just as much a part of my morning routine as my make-up!

Thicken eyebrows: The perfect eyebrows in every situation

Thick eyebrows perfectly accentuate the facial expressions. Especially with dark eyebrows, leaks are often immediately noticeable. Many sufferers do not consider the possibility that hair fibers can also be a perfect solution for eyebrows. Instead of carrying out overpriced procedures or putting up with leaky eyebrows, our hair fibers and the matching concealer provide the perfect remedy - conjure up thick and full eyebrows easily and effectively. The application is also very uncomplicated: Carefully sprinkle some of the hair fibers onto an eyebrow comb and brush over the brows. Finally, apply the Fidentia Concealer and the eyebrows are thickened. Even with very light eyebrows, the hair fibers look natural and offer a gentle alternative to coloring. Perfect, full eyebrows all day long without having to keep checking in the mirror – now thicken your eyebrows with Fidentia!