Walker Just-Rite Positioning Spray 118ml

Walker Just-Rite Positioning Spray 118ml

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Simplifies hair system placement

✓ Gives you more time to attach the hair piece

✓ Correction of placement possible

✓ No influence on the adhesive adhesion

✓ Evaporates completely

✓ Genuine Walker Tape - Made in USA

Walker Just-Rite Positioning Spray - simplifies hairpiece placement

  • Increases the amount of time you can position the hairpiece
  • Does not reduce the subsequent adhesion of the adhesive
  • Evaporates completely

Walker Just-Rite is your insurance policy. It allows you to delay the hold of the adhesive so you can make adjustments in the placement of the hairpiece if needed. If you don't succeed in attaching the hairpiece correctly the first time, this spray gives you a second chance to bring the hairpiece back into the perfect position. It's just for emergencies and buys extra seconds if you make a small mistake while attaching the hairpiece. Best of all, it doesn't affect hold time because it completely vaporizes. Get a spray for perfect placement of the second hair with Walker Just-Rite.