Walker Blue-Liner Lace Front Support Tape
Walker Blue-Liner Lace Front Support Tape

Walker Blue-Liner Lace Front Support Tape

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Selected quality from the industry leader for your skin and extensions

✓ 2-3 weeks wearing time

✓ 1.27cm wide - 2.74m long

✓ Transparent tape

✓ Genuine Walker Tape - Made in USA

✓ Free from harmful substances




The popular Walker Blue liner
Firm hold, skin compatibility and residue-free removal in one

  • 1.27cm wide - 2.74m long
  • Pollutant-free
  • Duration of use 2-3 weeks
  • PU adhesive tape transparent

Walker's Blue Liner Tape is characterized by an excellent, firm hold. Ideally, re-glue every two to three weeks. This protects your extensions or your second hair and is gentle on your skin. The Blue-Liner Tape is designed for this duration and gives you a completely safe wearing comfort without uncomfortably stretching the skin or leaving heavy residues when re-taping. It is adhesive on both sides and transparent. Through a special development, WalkerTape has achieved that the tape is matt but transparent and does not shine like many other tapes and is therefore recognizable.

When making the selection, not only was a firm hold important to us, but especially skin compatibility and a gentle removal for your extensions or hairpiece. That's why we got the original from the traditional manufacturer WalkerTape from the USA for you, the pollutant-free adhesive guarantees and with which thousands of users around the world have had positive experiences.

If you don't come around to re-taping, the blue liner tape can also last up to four weeks. However, it is not desirable to wear them for too long, as is the case with some up to 6 weeks. Extremely long-lasting glue can dissolve and stick your extensions or hair extensions together. We chose the blue liner tape because it doesn't guarantee the longest but the best hold for an optimal wearing time of 2-3 weeks and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. This protects what is most important: your skin and the durability of your extensions or hairpieces.

We pay attention to discretion. The packaging is neutral and does not suggest Fidentia Hair.