Fidentia hairline optimizer
Fidentia hairline optimizer
Fidentia hairline optimizer

Fidentia hairline optimizer

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Facilitates the application of hair thickening on the hairline

✓ Fill in hairline naturally and easily

✓ Suitable for all hair thickeners

✓ Precise incorporation of hair fibers & Co

✓ Especially suitable for on the go

✓ Protects the face during hair thickening


The Fidentia hairline optimizer

Makes it easier for you to create a natural hairline with the hair fibers

  • Facilitates the application of the hair fibers and allows the creation of a natural hairline
  • You get the best result by holding the stencil against the hairline and spraying on the stray hair with the Fidentia pump applicator or carefully sprinkling it over it from the can.
  • Thanks to the hairline optimizer, you can prevent hair fibers from accidentally ending up on your forehead, eyes and face or even ruining your make-up.
  • Due to its practical size and low weight, it is also perfect for on the go to bring the hairline and hairstyle into the right shape anytime and anywhere.

Fidentia hair thickening products have helped many people achieve thicker hair and a fuller looking hairline. But with the hairline, it can be a bit tricky to make it look natural and not artificial and straight. With the Fidentia Hairline Enhancer you don't have to worry about it anymore. With our special stencil you get a natural result quickly and easily. You can achieve an even better effect if you also use the Fidentia pump applicator. This distributes the fibers evenly and more precisely and also uses fewer hair fibers. With the Hairline Optimizer you also protect your face and make-up from excess hair fibers. Artificial looking hairlines are now a thing of the past. Convince yourself: Use the perfect tool for an optimal look of your hairline now!