Was ist ein Scalp Protector?

What is a scalp protector?

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Scalp protectant as a useful pre-apply product for your hair system

It may come as no surprise that all hair tapes by Walker tape really have great quality. But we also have other products in our range that have been given a lot of love and care, such as the Walker Tape preparation products . Each of them has been specifically designed for hair system wearers to ensure you get the best possible result with them.

One of our most popular preparation products for attaching a hair system are scalp protection products, so-called “ scalp protectors ”. They are a great prep product that every hair wearer should have in their home. If you're unfamiliar with scalp protection products, here's a quick overview of what they are and what they can do.

What are scalp protectants?

First of all, let's clarify what scalp protectants are. They are prep products that do exactly what they say: protect the scalp and help the glue or tape on it last longer.

It's not uncommon for skin glue to cause irritation in some people. While this irritation is often not serious, it is annoying to deal with when it occurs. A Scalp protector is designed to protect the skin from irritation caused by the adhesive without compromising the hold of the skin adhesive.

Scalp protection products not only prevent the adhesive's hold from sagging, but they are also designed to help increase the hold of the skin's adhesive. Because of this, stylists often use them on all of their clients and not just those with sensitive skin. A Scalp protector increases the hold by protecting the adhesive from daily influences. This includes things like:

• Natural oil produced by the skin
• High humidity
• Sweat

Since the scalp shield forms a barrier between the adhesive and the skin, the adhesive is not as quickly weakened by these factors.

Walker's scalp protectant

It is therefore understandable that many hairdressers also rely on scalp protection products. Now you might be wondering what options you have with that.

There are two Walker Tape scalp protection products: Den Scalp protector  and Max hold sport . Everyone is good in their own way. So let's take a look at each of them and what they have to offer.

Walker Scalp Protector

This is our classic Scalp Protector . It forms an easier protective layer between the scalp and the adhesive. It is well-suited for people with a second hair who:

• live in humid areas
• do sports regularly
• have oily skin

Walker Max Hold Sport

Finally there is Max hold sport . This is our most popular scalp protectant. This one is even stronger than that Scalp protector and starts to work even faster. This is the best choice for those who have hair extensions who:

• want to exercise, swim or be physically active immediately after attaching it
• sweating more
• Live in particularly humid or hot areas

Each product has its own advantages. In order to find the right scalp protection for you, you need to consider several factors. You need to ask yourself questions like:

• How active am I?
• How sensitive is my skin?
• Is it humid where I live?
• Is my scalp oilier than others?
• Do I spend a lot of time in saunas or swimming pools?

Once you've answered these questions for yourself and decided on a scalp protectant, the rest is easy.

How do you use scalp protectants?

First, make sure the area where you want to apply the scalp protectant is completely clean and free of oils or any other substance that may affect its hold. This includes preparing the area where you plan to apply the tape or liquid glue with 99% alcohol.

Once the site is prepared, wear the Scalp protector of your choice on the spot. Be careful to avoid irritated areas or open sores. Allow the area to dry before attaching the hair system.

Once the scalp protectant has dried you can attach the hair system to it using the tape or skin glue already attached. Keep in mind that with scalp protectants, the skin glue attaches fairly quickly. So if you're worried about the system not seating properly, you should  Walker Just-Rite Positioning Spra y use. It temporarily breaks the hold of the adhesive, allowing you to apply the system in exactly the right place without affecting subsequent wear time.

That's about all you need to do to start using scalp protectants. Pretty easy, right? Some people may not be enthusiastic about using scalp protectants at first because they add another step in the installation process.

However, there is a lot to be said for it, an additional one Scalp protector to be used even by those who do not have sensitive skin. Scalp protectants can help give your second hair a stronger and longer-lasting hold. They can also make wearing a system more comfortable.

Should you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!