Die richtige Farbwahl Ihrer kosmetischen Haarverdichtung

Choosing the right color for your cosmetic hair thickening

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General notes on color choice:

  • When in doubt, always choose a shade darker.
  • Her hair can have different shades and strands. Choose the color according to the hair color of your roots.
  • Colors can be combined with each other. Stray hair in particular can be mixed in the bottle, so that every shade can be matched exactly.
  • Blonde and gray work better with the hair thickener spray than with the hair fibers.
  • Combine blonde and gray hair fibers with a shade of brown.

Don't worry: the choice of color is not too decisive for the result
When it comes to hair thickeners, it's more about the right application and willingness to practice than an exactly matching shade. Furthermore, it can be said that hair in brown tones can be thickened very well, while the color of blonde, red and gray tones is more complicated. Read the next chapter for more information.

The choice of color for stray hair

Do you have light hair (blonde, gray or white)? In this case, you should combine the Ecobell hair fibers in blond or gray with a darker brown tone of the hair fibers. Use the shade of brown to "prime" the fine, light hair and then adjust it with the blonde/grey hair fibers. You can even do without the blonde/grey shade and only get a very good result with darker hair fibers.