Das richtige Shampoo für dünnes Haar

The right shampoo for thin hair

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There are many reasons for severe hair loss. Wrong hair care products with ingredients such as B. sodium auryl sulfate, which were previously often used in conventional shampoos, can be responsible for increased hair loss. Choosing the right shampoo is therefore particularly important for people with hair problems. It should cleanse the hair without unnecessarily weighing it down. The optimal shampoo against hair loss also strengthens the hair, stimulates the hair roots and promotes blood circulation in the scalp. Basically, hair care products should contain as few unnecessary additives as possible to prevent intolerance and allergies. Silicones, which are contained in many shampoos, also cause hair to appear "over-groomed" and hang down flat. Shampoos with natural ingredients are therefore particularly suitable for thin hair.

The caffeine kick for thin hair

Katharina (27), dental assistant: “For years, my hair loss caused me major problems and made me very insecure. I spent ages styling my hair in front of the mirror in the morning to hide the light spots. Recently I first became aware of Fidentia's hair fibers and I was really excited. It took me a while to realize that constantly checking myself in the mirror was finally superfluous and a thing of the past. I had tried many skin care products before. I have to wash my hair frequently because my hair gets greasy very quickly. But the constant washing and drying my hair has only become lighter. That's why I've now tried the Fidentia caffeine shampoo . It not only works against hair loss, but also prevents rapid greasing of the roots. For me the perfect shampoo.”

Doubly effective hair care - quality without superfluous additives

Caffeine is one of the proven active ingredients against hair loss due to its blood circulation-promoting effect. The Fidentia caffeine shampoo is extra strong and strengthens the hair with an extra high caffeine content. In combination with biotin, niacinamide and zincidone, it stimulates hair growth and effectively prevents further hair loss. In addition , Fidentia Caffeine Shampoo is extra strong against greasy hair, dandruff and itchy scalp. The double effect for well-groomed hair without silicone and parabens. Fast greasing and annoying dandruff are a thing of the past!